With a mother who´s teaching violin, a grandfather born in Detroit and himself already playing the piano at the age of 7, Tom Dazing was bound to discover and create music someday. At the age of 18 he found his way to the local record stores with a desire to become a musician. Soon realising that music is the driving force behind his intuition, he quickly evolved towards the production side of things.

In 2006 he gave birth to his debut EP on Toys For Boys Records. It didn´t take long before it was discovered and launched into the play lists of several DJ´s worldwide. A unique blend of pumping minimal techno with huge influences of old school Chicago and acid house landed him a release on Marco Bailey´s MB Selektions in that same year.

The coming years releases kept following on Andre Crom´s Heimatmelodie imprint, Cologne based label Trapez and again Toys For Boys & MB Selektions where his track "Octopussy" moved people on the dance floor all over the globe. His records try to blend in old school drum elements into a subtle environment of new slinky grooves and raving madness.

After teaming up in the studio with his friend Gols around 2010, his musical journey took another turn. A series of more house orientated productions resulted in signing on labels as Monique Musique, Kina, Circle Music and Fantastic Friends. The amount of tracks released on such short notice is a silent witness of their flowing enthousiasm behind the machines.

By 2011 his list of studio guests had grown so much that these fresh influences lead to the epiphany and birth of his "Thrill Recordings" label. It doesn´t only house his solo productions and remixes, but it also gives local producers a chance to enfold themselves on the label. The sound is broad yet the focus is always put on dirt, rawness and grit. Thrill Recordings provides wide variations and a distinct sound civilized within the borders of House and Techno.

In 2012 he was mainly doing productions for Labyrinth music, Monique Musique, and a series of remixes for various labels & Thrill recordings. Opening new perspectives he joined the "Sweet Trade" crew, a bunch of pirates who are well-known for hosting several booming events in Belgium and Europe.

Because he´s always looking for a way to channel different emotions, he created a techno moniker called Quake. This project quickly got signed by Belgian´s Coincidence Records, and launched a groundbreaking debut EP with a remix from Marcel Fengler.

In order to remove all studio restrictions he decided to pick up the production pace in 2014, with projects like Quake, Noose Brigade and brand new material with Gols. Thrill Recordings forms the perfect hive to experiment and showcase the direction of these various projects.

After quite some time without releasing any vinyl, ´Back In The Daze EP´ ment his comeback on wax for Coincidence Records, brought together with an amazing video. Having a massive amount of unreleased tracks 2015 will definitely highlight more of this guy.


Tomorrowland - Boom - BE
Extrema - Houthalen - BE
ADE - Amsterdam - NL
Café d´Anvers - Antwerp - BE
Decadance - Ghent - BE
Kozzmozz - Ghent - BE
Feestgedruis - BE
Peep - Ghent - BE
Tresor - Berlin - DE
U60311 - Frankfurt - DE
Fuse - Brussels - BE
Kiosk Club - Lille - FR
Aquarium - London - UK
Zoo Club - Madrid - ESP
Club Versteck - Dortmund - DE
OPA - Paris - FR


Tom Dazing

Single / EP / Maxi:
Tom Dazing Intenze EP Toys For Boys Records (12“,MP3) 2006
Tom Dazing Last Night In My Body EP MB Selektions (12“,MP3) 2006
Tom Dazing Causal Connection EP Coincidence Records (12“,MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing DVDA Shot EP Heimatmelodie (12“,MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing Nocturne EP MB Selektions (12“,MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing Motion Sickness EP Toys For Boys Records (12“,MP3) 2008
Tom Dazing Sweet Lady Luck Smiles EP Heimatmelodie (12“,MP3) 2008
Tom Dazing Wasp Cocktail EP VVWI (12“,MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing Black Magic EP Trapez (12“,MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing Flabbergasted EP Toys For Boys Records (12“,MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing Gargoyle EP Labyrinth Music (MP3) 2012
Tom Dazing Doohickey EP Monique Musique (MP3) 2012
Tom Dazing Back In The Daze EP Coincidence Records (12“) 2014
Tom Dazing Roughcut EP Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2014
Tom Dazing Upcoming EP Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2014
Tom Dazing Upcoming EP Thrill Recordings (12“) 2014
Tracks Appear on:
Tom Dazing Scrambled Lowball After-Dinner Recordings (MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing Slip Registry Red Factory (12“,MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing Click Trick Aesthetik Records (MP3) 2007
Tom Dazing Sasquatch Monocline Records (MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing Bulge Monocline Records (12“,MP3) 2014
Tom Dazing Suck My Luck Nighttripper Records (MP3) 2014
Divai – Bubble Gum (Tom Dazing´s Too Sticky It Hurts Remix) Amazone Audio (MP3) 2007
Twin Soul – Mind Opener (Tom Dazing´s Change your Mind Remix) Maison Digitale (MP3) 2008
Roebin De Freitas – It’s Not Fair (Tom Dazing´s She Took It All Away Remix) Miniatura (MP3) 2008
EC50 – Ready When She Comes (Tom Dazing´s Remix) Playground (MP3) 2008
Ness – Hurry Up (Tom Dazing´s Extreme Hurry Remix) Splitsound (12“,MP3) 2008
Digital Network – Minimalistic (Tom Dazing´s Remix) Minigrooves (MP3) 2008
Nathalie – I Am (Tom Dazing´s Self-Consciousness Remix) Coincidence Records (MP3) 2009
Jellyboyz – Equillibrium (Tom Dazing´s Unbalanced Remix) Frequenza (MP3) 2009
Nick Verwey – Honey Dips (Tom Dazing´s Sugar Ray Remix) Playtime (MP3) 2009
Roland M. Dill – Retroencabulator (Tom Dazing´s Remix) Trapez (MP3) 2009
Omar Salgado – Bonsai (Tom Dazing´s Remix) Monocline Records (MP3) 2010
Mickael Davis – The Katana (Tom Dazing´s Harakiri Edit) Coincidence Records (MP3) 2010
Gunfinger – Paralyzer (Tom Dazing´s Immobility Remix) Overdrive Musik (MP3) 2011
Leesa – The Mansion (Tom Dazing´s 10000 Square Remix) Atmosphere Records (MP3) 2011
Tomoki Tamura – Oh Sax (Tom Dazing´s Remix) Fantastic Friends Recordings (MP3) 2012
Crack And Crunch – Take A Hike (Tom Dazing´s Scenery Route Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2012
Mozaic – Martine (Tom Dazing´s Dirty Girl Remix) Ion Music (MP3) 2012
Stevie P – Yeah (Tom Dazing´s Yeah But No But Yeah Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2012
Bollen & Fichtner – Mr. Magic (Tom Dazing´s Mushroom Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2013
Akuza – Age Of The Aquarius (Tom Dazing´s Live 909 Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2013
Stevie P – Rawness (Tom Dazing´s Getting In Touch Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2014
Quincy – We Believe (Tom Dazing´s Preacher Remix) NightFalls Recordings (12“,MP3) 2014
Roebin De Freitas – Stuck Midway (Tom Dazing´s Halftime Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2014



Single / EP / Maxi:
Quake Device Overload EP Coincidence Records (12“,MP3) 2012
Psytox – Sara Toga (Quake Remix) Coincidence Records (MP3) 2011
Roebin De Freitas – Blunt Razor (Quake´s Deep Sea Remix) RdF (CD,MP3) 2012
Substance and Program – Mining Coal (Quake´s Detroit Ore Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2011


Noose Brigade

Single / EP / Maxi:
Noose Brigade Filthy Fairytale EP Labrynth (MP3) 2013
Noose Brigade Women EP Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2014


Tom Dazing & Gols

Single / EP / Maxi:
Tom Dazing & Gols Pussy Bumpinsero EP Miconn (12“,MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing & Gols No Hay Banda EP Dreielf (12“,MP3) 2009
Tom Dazing & Gols Suricata Suricatta EP Coincidence Records (12“,MP3) 2010
Tom Dazing & Gols On The Rocks EP Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2011
Tom Dazing & Gols Manouevres EP Circle Music (MP3) 2011
Tom Dazing & Gols Hawai Surf Club EP Monique Musique (MP3) 2011
Tom Dazing & Gols Otchi Potchi EP Fantastic Friends Recordings (MP3) 2011
Tom Dazing & Gols Emocio EP Kina Music (MP3) 2011
Tom Dazing & Gols Big Bill EP Circle Music (MP3) 2012
Tracks Appear on:
Tom Dazing & Gols Offroad Push It Records (MP3) 2009
Youknow – Rambo Rocks (Tom Dazing & Gols Remix) Monique Musique (MP3) 2011
Ilario Liburni – Amanda (Tom Dazing & Gols Remix) Thrill Recordings (MP3) 2011
Alex Picini – No Love (Tom Dazing & Gols Remix) Kina Music (MP3) 2011